Sending positivity and encouragement during this overwhelming period

As many people in our community’s right now, maybe feeling anxious, isolated, and lonely due to our current circumstances. Wouldn’t it be a great idea to brighten someone’s day with an uplifting message, poem, drawing, song or story which could go a long way.

I am employed by the coop as a community pioneer, i want to make people smile, laugh and spread joy during this difficult period.

I want To show people they have not been forgotten. Lets get creative folks! Whilst the kids are at home let’s get them to work positively and brighten up someone’s day. Send a message of support, draw pictures, write stories, take pictures on your phone and email them to myself.

We will forward them on and maybe be able to display them in coopuk stores sending positivity during this challenging time.

If you are also aware of someone that could benefit from receiving some positivity and sunshine, please email me.

My email address is:

I will look forward to hearing from you, #keepsmiling #ItsWhatWeDo #thecoopway.

Steven Connelly

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