Ripped: Final Show at Edinburgh Fringe today

I couldn’t defend myself, fight back, I just froze what’s wrong with me.

I was always grown up to believe to man up, grow some balls, to fight back and protect myself. I was mentally tortured to always believe boys will be boys and boys are always responsible for absolutely everything in life.

I have always and still believed and never ever seen any issues with going out and drinking pints of Larger at bars even though I feel uncomfortable, but I have never ever seen any problem in that. I’ve just always thought that these actions were normal, every one did it and that’s what made me a man, and alcohol was a way to forget about my past.

As men we are supposed to be masculine and self-sufficient, we should be able to defend ourselves and others.

I just froze and I was raped what kind of man does that make me?

Steven Connelly

Ripped is an essential and vital piece of work. Its important that we encourage discussions around masculinity and Male rape.

Unfortunately today is the final day of this powerful play at the Edinburgh Fringe. It most certainly won’t be the end of #ripped.

If you are in Edinburgh I highly recommend it.

The play starts at 1 PM today

Underbelly Cow Gate

Venue 61

I look forward to hearing all your reviews.

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