Ripped Review: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019.

Real men can do forty press up in a row, drink Tenants Larger or Stella like real men do right?

That hasn’t always been the case for Jack.

96 % of all male rape cases unfortunately Are unreported, men don’t want to talk and can’t and would rather suffer in silence.

Jack uses a heavy cocktail of cocaine and alcohol to numb his pain then out the blue, just one night, Jacks meets his attacker whilst out with a circle of friends that he had got into company with.

The story is heartbreaking, devastating and is essential and vital that we encourage discussions around Male rape and masculinity and how it feels for a man and a boy to be violated and penetrating in this way and the impacts It has for me afterward.

There is unfortunately only two shows left of this incredible play at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

I highly recommend this phenomenal masterpiece, if you are in Edinburgh please go. There is only two shows left, which includes today performance at 1 PM.

Today 24 August 2019: 1 PM

Tomorrow (Sunday) 25 August 2019: 1 PM

Underbelly Cow Gate (follow the cow)

Venue 61

Let’s start to have conversations about Male rape and masculinity. Thanks to this extraordinary play we will and I am looking forward to the future of #ripped. Thank you.

Steven Connelly

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