Epilepsy Seizure Triggers

Epilepsy seizure triggers

Some people with epilepsy may notice a link between certain situations and seizures. Activities or circumstances that increase the risk of a seizure happening are called seizure triggers. 

Some commonly reported seizure triggers related to lifestyle include: 

• lack of sleep

• overexertion or physical fatigue

• physical or emotional stress

• heat

• alcohol and other drug use.

These triggers are not the same for everyone and it may take some time to recognise your own triggers, especially if your seizures are infrequent. A good way to find out is to keep a diary of your seizures, and what was happening before you had each of them. 

Although reducing your exposure to triggers may be helpful, it is important not to restrict your activities to the point where your interests and fun are excluded and you’re not enjoying life. Precautions should be sensible with a balance between risk and restrictions. 

Steven Connelly

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