Self Management and Epilepsy

Managing a debilitating condition such as epilepsy can be complex, exhausting, challenging, crippling, difficult and frustrating.

Seizures can unfortunately make an appearance at anytime which can make it tough to work, go to school, drive, and take part in social activities. Sometimes epilepsy treatment can make these activities more of a challenge because of the gruelling impact of meditation side effects.

Self -management skills are extremely essential and can help people take control of their health and cope with their day-to-day challenges.

Self-management does not mean that people manage their health alone. Self-management requires an active partnership between a person with epilepsy, their family or friends, and their health care provider.  Each one plays an important role in epilepsy self-management.

Epilepsy self-management encompasses three broad areas:

• Treatment Management. Medication schedules, keeping clinic appointments, and communicating with health care professionals.

• Seizure Management. Recognizing and avoiding seizure triggers whenever possible and keeping track of seizures.

• Lifestyle Management. Getting adequate sleep, reducing stress, and maintaining social support networks.

You can learn how to manage your epilepsy and can have and enjoy a active and full life and reach all your potentials. Staying positive and discovering that epilepsy has you, you don’t have epilepsy. You can do absolutely anything you want to do in life and remember you might have epilepsy but it’s only the beginning of a fabulous and glorious journey, it’s not the end and your never ever alone.

Steven Connelly

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