To My Dear Friend Epilepsy

To My Dear Friend Epilepsy

I just wanted to inform you that you are a true friend of mine you have been a massive and influential part of my life for an overwhelming and massive number of years now actually thirty two to be exact.

Throughout this time, we have been on an extraordinary journey together, and life definitely has been a rollercoaster. Most times during my life you have been my one and only friend and for that I will always be forever grateful.

You have been one vicious and fierce friend at times, can i ask what did i honestly do to deserve such uncivilised behaviour from you? What did I do?. You have also been motivating, encouraging, inspiring inspirational, senseless, unreasonable, irritating, frustrating and positive influence in my life. I suppose it takes all these trate’s to make a loyal friend.

You have taught me more about life than any person could ever have. I have literally being knocked down by you, because of this negativity i am able to help and provide support to other friends who have a friend like you. As much as I may have detested you at times, I will always appreciate you.

I was studying extremely hard at College and university, i don’t know if you ever remember or even care but my course was Film and Media Broadcasting and my determination, focus and dream was to work in the media industry after I achieved my qualifications. During my study’s, I was blessed to have amazing, understanding and supportive friends, lectures and support staff , Life was great.

I was hanging with friends, getting out and about and enjoying life. In my opinion i think you were outraged with complete jealousy because I was happy, i met trustworthy friends and had a fantastic support network, i am correct?or is it just a massive coincidence that my seizure activity increased and I had to pull out of university because i was having constant and repeated tonic clonic seizures every single day. You would have been loving that, know doubt? why oh why?

You frightened the hell out of everyone I knew in a matter of minutes, hope your proud of yourself Including my innocent and four year old nephew, he witnessed his uncle Steven have a tonic clonic seizure and he hasn’t been the same since, so very well done for that and thank you.

I was only a wee four year old guy, why me? Know one did realise that you would be here to stay, Individuals thought it could have been just a once off event but no you definitely and certainly have made an impact upon me.

Since the beginning you have always been around. I obviously don’t remember my young years but you used to visit me more than three hundred times a day each and every day .

You have given me experiences I will never forget both good and bad. I had to introduce you to my world, and that was truly one of the most terrifying and toughest times In my life. Many of my so called friends really didn’t care for me after you became a permanent fixture in my life as I became – too boring, exhausted, weak, slow and lazy. I suppose I should thank you and be grateful for getting rid of the rats in my life. However, I don’t appreciate the long late nights battling you, and the injuries and broken bones I have occurred because of you. I have plenty of support but battling you is a nightmare and I am doing it alone. I started a Blog and twitter page that have both become my positive outlet.

As i have all-ready quoted and Ronan Keating says having you in my life is a big roller coaster ride for sure. You are here to stay and I will use you for good after all the bad you try to bring into my life. You have allowed me to share my experiences with others on how to battle and live with you.

Although you manage to take some major things from me, you will never take who I am as a person. You may destroy me physically at times but I will always get back up and be stronger and more positive than you will ever be.

Like you, I am the only person who understands and realises everything and can emphasis in every little hell.

I have you, but you don’t have me.

Steven Connelly

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