Talking Is Power

There is an increase in numbers of people in our society who have disclosed that they have suffered from mental health conditions and currently receiving treatment.

Unfortunately we are still living in a culture of silence in mental health especially within young men who are suffering in silence, it’s a silent crisis. Men struggle talking about there feelings as they want to feel masculine and don’t want to be judged and discriminated. Men feel insecure about talking as they feel weak(which is ridiculous and certainly not the case). They would rather get there frustrations out by playing computer games, going to the gym and realising energy by lifting weights and taking there emotions out on there body through self injury.

Stigma can also stop people opening up, sharing there thoughts and feelings and seeking help. It takes strength, bravery and courage to talk about mental health. Talking can strengthen relationships, break down the ignorance and stereotypes, take the taboo out of something that affects us all and most importantly it saves life’s.

I might come across as a confident and energetic guy but I’ve certainly had my ups and downs over the years, unfortunately more downs than ups. Don’t keep all your thoughts and feelings to yourself, a problem shared is a problem halved. If you are worried, concerned or anxious please speak up, you are never ever alone.

Steven Connelly

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