New Year, New Me

Happy New Year!  Now there is a expression bursting with a multitude of endless opportunities, possibilities, anticipation, aspirations and challenges.

Will 2019 be the year of change, possibility and positivity. We can certainly never tell. Do we welcome in the new year with self assurance that we will embrace, joy, contentment and gratification.

I have a Invisible Disability, i don’t mean to be negative but whilst it might seem 100% impossible or out of reach, with proper support you can turn your whole life around, never give up on your ambitions well that’s my opinion anyway.

If i look back over the last few years, my whole world was filled with darkness, blackness and negativity. The difficulties and challenges that i was confronted with on a daily basis regarding my epilepsy was distressing for me, i felt very lonesome, distressed, frightened but i was faced with all sorts of thoughts, feelings and questions including am i ever going to improve. 

I wasn’t able to leave the house apart from a small number of visits to my local shop. I was terrified and fearful of having a seizure outside and attracting an audience. Unfortunately i was taking tonic clonic seizures every day and dislocated my shoulder into the process. My grandparents at all times were extremely supportive, considerate and understanding, telephoning me everyday and my gran provided amazing meals and transported them to me when she visited. I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel, only darkness.

I grieved, for the loss of all the opportunities and adventures that i hadn’t been able to take part in, the events i enjoyed attending, places i loved exploring, particularly spending special time with family and friends.

Regardless of what your thoughts, feelings and facing at the moment however dark and dismal your days may be trust me there is always hope for a brighter tomorrow and future, never ever give up. Talk to people who understand, people who will be positive, supportive and encouraging towards you. Look for new strategies, set yourself goals to try, new ways to make a difference, new ideas and always follow your dreams.

Will this be a successful, inspiring and rewarding 2019. Never stop trying and like me you will be amazing, astonished and proud of what you can achieve in just one year. I have an amazing, loving and understanding partner and i absolutely love volunteering with Epilepsy Connections, raising awareness on the condition and providing support and leadership to individuals living with epilepsy, i genuinely didn’t believe any of this was possible. All of our dreams will come true, just believe in yourself and never look back, keep smiling and move forward.

Happy New Year

Steven Connelly

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