Men, Sex and Epilepsy

Some seizure activity can involve sexual feelings and actually cause erections and ejaculation, the experience of epilepsy is more likely to lead to a decline in sexual energy or libido rather than an increase. The culprit most often blamed is the debilitating effects of many antiepileptic drugs.


There is in fact a range of solutions to impotence and medications such as Viagra(Sildenafil) appear to be appropriate and adaptable with anti–epileptic medications. If such medications help and approve the situation it is possible that the difficulties are actually not based on epilepsy but are the same dilemmas and frustrations that millions of men without epilepsy experience every day.


As men we can develop and experience a variety of medical issues in our lifetime. Epilepsy should not be viewed as the culprit in every case. It’s vital

and essential to talk about anything that worries and causes you concern with your Epilepsy Consultant, Epilepsy Specialist nurse, GP, family member or friend that you can rely on and trust. Talking is powerful, it’s important to use communication to express how you are feeling, what is concerning you, and addressing negative thoughts and feelings that you may be experiencing. Talking has positive and effective impacts on a person’s life, you can move on and live a happy and normal life, it’s crucial we all express our feelings to each other on a daily basis.

Steven Connelly

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