Male Body Image: The Naked Truth

Men experience and occur body image issues, aswell as women do. Men struggle and encounter diverse and various issues regarding body image including:

• Dissatisfaction with body image

• Negative opinions about the body

• Negative emotions toward one’s self

It is highly likely that many men believe, that the hyperfocus on females and body image makes it more difficult for men to talk about. An internal battle of emotions—combined with societal expectations—fuels insecurity, and creates a negative body image that others don’t see.” Not only does that distract the issue from men, it also causes a resistance to undergo that same kind of pressure women face. Yet, in their silence, men continue to suffer, hurting their self-esteem, their confidence, and living with negative emotions about themselves.

Mental Health

Men are “made to feel that it doesn’t matter and that there are other more pressing issues…” Weighing the issue of male body image against other “more pressing issues” is problematic and causes many men to stay silent. If you do focus on it, you are weak or you aren’t working hard enough, or you’re doing the wrong thing.”

When it comes to men’s mental health, in any area, this is a common problem. Men and the widespread ideals of masculinity include a lot of imagery about strength and competence. Men just aren’t supposed to have problems. Problems make them weak or incompetent. As a result of this stifling pressure of shame, many men don’t admit to the mental health or substance use problems they are facing.

Unfortunately, many men are suffering from body image issues as well as other mental health issues. Body image issues can be an important component in eating disorders, which many men face. A majority percentage of those who struggle with binge eating disorder, for example, are male. Men can also suffer with anorexia as well as bulimia.

Steven Connelly

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