It’s Not Just Girls

I have composed this piece of writing as an individual who has encountered and battled with self-harm for over 17 years.

There has been a lot of hard work, analysis and ground work achieved in connection with investigating mental health issues including self harm. Research is powerful, it creates change in individuals lives, there communities and workplaces and encourages the individuals living with the condition to be supported in the work place.

Analysis demonstrated that here in the United Kingdom we have a paramount percentage rate of self harm. We understand that it is remarkably widespread. Amongst young people, and it is commonly believed that more females self-harm than males.

Never-less, self-harm is a very painful and sensitive topic that should always and deserves to be investigated with a degree of accuracy , because so many people keep it secret, including myself.

Thinking back, how did i ever accomplish covering up my battle wounds, it was difficult but i always put a smile on my face, dust my self down, drown myself in the latest fragrance last purchased and got on with life. I pretended i was happy but inside i was screaming.

I was absolutely exhausted and drained of disguising my thoughts, feelings and covering up my self harm scars and injurys.

When i am experiencing low periods in my life, I suppose i want to be able to be courageous and open up to the people that are close to me so they understand that I am not being miserable, dull and unsociable but I have a massive fear and problem of being judged, labelled and lack of understanding within individuals because of the injuries I am enduring.

I am ashamed of my self for engaging in self harming behaviour, I feel so weak and powerless. Ive been through a lot during my life including my diagnosis of epilepsy, this always made me feel better.

Its extremely important and beneficial to talk out about self harming behaviour and mental health as I know that there are lots of men out there that have their own personal stories to share. We need to encourage and support men to engage in the power of conversation and inspire them to share their own experiences. Let’s fight the stigma that comes with believing that only women self-harm, not men. We are not alone.

Steven Connelly

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