Invisible Disabilities Week

NEW Blog: Invisible Disability’s Week 💜💜

Invisible Disability Awareness

I developed my own personal blogging journal with a vision and a mission to heighten publics understanding of Epilepsy when i graduated from the Epilepsy Futures Programme, facilitated by Epilepsy Connections.

This week has been Invisible Illness Awareness Week. A week which is fundamental and significant to increase individuals awareness and understanding on the topic of: Invisible Illness and the discomfort and barriers encountered with these disabilities.

I campaign for Epilepsy awareness every single day for many reasons. When I first begin to blog it was more an online journal for many personal reasons. I posted information that interested me as well. I kept a record of my progress and all my achievements that i am very proud of thanks to everyone at Epilepsy Futures. However, as time quickly marched on i seen so many different individuals struggling and in lots of pain, it was very obvious to me they were suffering. It was my desire to make a difference.

I know and understand that all types of epileptic seizures are dangerous and can leave individuals in a venerable state. I know it can cause suicidal ideations and suicidal actions. I have been there. It is very important we raise awareness and understanding that epileptic seizures , can kill if not treated professional and effectively, due to complications during or after a seizure, or perhaps maybe due to an accident such as a fall or drowning, or even neglected mental health.

I truly want to do what i can to increase awareness and to communicate with others. To spread knowledge. To have them understand they are not alone.

Steven Connelly

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