General Care Standards

Recently I was the participant of two extremely paramount and fundamental workshops involving sharing my knowledge and experiences of living with a Neurological health condition.

The workshops were both exceptionally informative and i am touched that we are all able as individuals who are living with a Neurological Condition to tell our stories and experiences and are being listened to.

It’s amazing that we are given the opportunity to help strength the final result of the General Standards for Neurological Care and Support.

You can take part by sharing your experiences using the smart link below.

The closing date is Thursday 13 December 2018

I have enclosed information below regarding Scottish Health Council.

Steven Connelly

General standards for neurological care and support

Draft standards for consultation

It is estimated that as many as a million adults in Scotland are living with a wide range of complex and life-changing neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, and Huntington’s disease, as well as those affected by cerebral palsy, brain injury, nerve and muscle disorders. Neurological disease can affect people in different ways; no two people living with a neurological condition are the same. People should expect to receive the same high quality service from the health and social care organisations that support them, regardless of their condition, geographical location or individual circumstances.

In 2009, NHS Quality Improvement Scotland (Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s predecessor organisation) developed standards for neurological health services. In May 2016, the Scottish Government supported Healthcare Improvement Scotland’s commitment to review the 2009 standards. Concurrently, Sue Ryder published a report highlighting that the standards had not been universally implemented across NHSScotland, which had led to a variation in care for people with neurological conditions.

Following this, we are currently developing revised general standards for neurological care and support and have produced a set of draft general standards for consultation.

Scope of standards

The Healthcare Improvement Scotland general standards for neurological care and support will apply to all health and social care services and organisations that support adults living with a neurological condition.

During the scoping phase of the development of the standards,  we identified the following priority areas:

leadership and governance

 partnership working

staff education, training and information


assessment of needs

treatment and management, and

person-centred care

Take part in our consultation

We welcome feedback on the draft standards and will review every comment received.

Responses to the draft standards should be submitted using our online survey tool.

The consultation closes on Thursday 13 December 2018.

If you would like to submit your comments using a different format, please contact the standards and indicators team via email at

Consultation feedback

At the end of the consultation period, all comments will be collated and the project group will respond to each comment received. The response will explain how the comments informed the final standards. A summary of the responses to the consultation will be made available on the Healthcare Improvement Scotland website.

The final general standards for neurological care and support will be published in early 2019.

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