Epilepsy International Day

Happy Epilepsy International Day 😘😘

Today 11 February has been a day which is certainly special, fundamental and beneficial to our epilepsy communities and organisations.

International Epilepsy Day is a powerful day that amplifies individuals awareness, knowledge and understanding around the subject matter of epilepsy and the barriers and discrimination encountered with living with this disability.

I love campaigning for Epilepsy awareness for many reasons. When I first begin to blog it was more an online journal for many personal reasons. I posted information that interested me as well. I kept a record of my progress and all my achievements that i am very proud of thanks to everyone at Epilepsy Futures. However, as time quickly marched on i seen so many different individuals struggling and in lots of pain, it was very obvious to me they were suffering. It was my desire to make a difference.

I know and understand that all types of epileptic seizures are dangerous and can leave individuals in a venerable state. I know it can cause suicidal ideations and suicidal actions. I have been there. It is very important we raise awareness and understanding that epileptic seizures , can kill if not treated professional and effectively, due to complications during or after a seizure, or perhaps maybe due to an accident such as a fall or drowning, or even neglected mental health.

I truly want to do what i can to increase awareness and to communicate with others. To spread knowledge. To have them understand they are not alone. Let’s end the stigma and discrimination associated with epilepsy.

Steven Connelly


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