Epilepsy Awareness

I have been honest and sincere during my blog posts regarding problematic eras i have addressed in a previous life in connection with my Epilepsy and other medical complications that i have encountered and confronted as a consequence to this debilitating medical condition.

The knowledge and understanding my personal life changing experiences has taught me is that I am more caring, considerate, positive, assertive, sympathetic, supportive, and open minded.

Having experiences of epilepsy certainly makes it an significant contributing factor and i believe because of the empathy these experiences have given me, it makes me a better candidate and a Epilepsy awareness activist.

I am an enormous believer in raising awareness of epilepsy, unfortunately it still remains a relatively misunderstood subject matter. Personally i believe the correct way to tackle stigma and discrimination is to try and change individuals personal attitudes socially, by targeting young people through social media and providing them with lots of knowledge at their education establishments and workplaces.

I support the integration from individuals living with epilepsy and the support received through out their education experience continuing into the workplace, providing a safe, positive and encouraging working environment.

To understand my proudest moment and my greatest achievement you have to know how much i have been able to change my life in under one year. I was living in an extreme period of darkness, all i can see is sunny times ahead now. I am extremely grateful to those who have supported me.


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