Epilepsy And Learning

I was diagnosed with peti mal epilepsy at the age of four, peti mal seizures, are brief, usually less than 15 seconds, and they have symptoms that may be barely noticeable and mostly associated with children .

However, loss of consciousness, even for such a short time, can make absence seizures dangerous. The seizure type is referred to as absence seizure activity these days as it’s not pc to characterized by its original name as peti mal seizures.

Thinking back, it must have been a living nightmare and heartbreaking for my parents aswell as other family members as the Epilepsy caused me to have hundreds of seizures per day.

I don’t understand it i was always an active and healthy little boy aswell as being extremely happy. It was not long after my fourth birthday, that my family noticed lack of awareness and concentration with myself.

After weeks of appointments and tests which left me a four year old boy confused and bewildered to why flashing and flickering lights were shining in my eyes? and why did i have special wires attached to my scalp? i secretly relished in it, at last I was a spaceman for the day.

The consultant confirmed to my parents that i had peti mal, childhood Epilepsy, it must have been so terrifying for them.

One of the most notable effects of severe and uncontrolled peti mal seizures is memory impairment. This impairment can range from poor concentration and minor forgetfulness to extreme clouding of consciousness and disorientation.

I know and understand that Epilepsy has impacted my learning in many other ways. Absence seizures has affected my ability to learn by reducing alertness and by interfering with short-term information storage and abstraction.

Frequent and uncontrolled seizures has impaired my capability of processing new and a great quaintly of information due to the amount of time that i have been oblivious of my own surroundings and environment .

Anticonvulsant have been connected with learning difficulty, behavior changes, and memory impairment.

I developed anxiety as i struggled coping with issues resulting from the condition. I was confused as i didn’t recognise myself or the world all around me, i was ashamed and embarrassed of myself or if i had made a mistake.

If your reading this struggling with your own personal challenges that life has thrown your way. My advice is always look after yourself and be proud of who you are. It’s important to stay as optimistic as you can and be positive as it makes you focus on all the amazing opportunities and experiences that you could be missing due to thinking negatively. Never ever give up, you will achieve success when you least expect it.

I am delighted to say that i am in a much happier place now. Epilepsy certainly does not have to be a barrier to achieving, it’s not the end of the world even though it feels like that, with so many amazing services and professionals nowadays, there is so much support for everyone, it’s NOT 1988 anymore.

Steven Connelly

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