Epilepsy And Family

Epilepsy can cause extreme distress and anxiety not only for the individuals who live and experience debilitating seizures on a daily basis as a result of epilepsy, also family members, and friends can feel terrified, frightened, worthless and hopeless.

Epilepsy affects the whole family, causing stress, worry and anguish.

Seizures can happen at any time, and you certainly can’t predict them, i have abundance of experience of this. This can keep everyone agitated all the time, always speculating when the next seizure is going to occur. This brings on multitudes of emotions to sibling relationships, those between parent and child, and the dynamics between partners and spouses.

I encourage patients and family members to check in with themselves. I advise them to write down, text or even email themselves questions, this can be exceedingly therapeutic.

I am taking care of myself?.

What can i possibly do to take care of my friends and family?.

Is my epilepsy being successful managed?.

I need support and assistance, but where will i receive that support from. I am just broken and damaged, what will i do?.

I encourage anyone if you suddenly undergo any new symptom that is causing extreme upset with a person’s epilepsy, the patient or someone in the family is worried they definitely should check in with the patient’s general practitioner or specialist nurse.

Depression is common with epilepsy, but mood problems can be an issue for anyone in the family. Talk with a doctor if you feel your mood is getting out of control. Counseling, whether it’s individual, family or couples therapy, can help people communicate better, it’s ok not to be ok and there’s no shame and embarrassment in asking for help.

Social support can have a tremendous and beneficial effect on individuals. It informs people that whatever they are going through with their epilepsy or families, they’re not alone. It enables individuals with epilepsy to meet others who have knowledge and an understanding of the condition and allows them to take part in social interaction together and have fun. This has a massive impact on an individuals mental health, as they are getting out and about in company, even if it do-sent occur that much, it is an event to look forward to. Some people don’t even see the light of day, because there conditions take over there life, a tiny part of fun ever so often is extremely rewarding and important.

If you or someone in your family has epilepsy, you can have a normal, active and happy life just like everyone else, don’t let anyone tell you other wise. The key is finding the support you need and the support is out there.


Steven Connelly

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