Epilepsy And Alcohol

Alcohol and anti-epileptic medications certainly don’t mix well. Anti-epileptic medications will increase the effects of alcohol, making you feel intoxicated faster. Alcohol will also reduce the effectiveness of your medication, making seizures more likely and exposing yourself and your health to potential danger.

Most adults with epilepsy can tolerate a small amount of alcohol, maybe one or two standard drinks, but some people find they cannot tolerate it at all. It is common to have a seizure between 6 and 48hrs after stopping drinking.

Take it from me, I know.

I was only 21, I was suffering from chronic depression and anxiety, due to my diagnoses of this debilitating condition. I was overwhelmed trying to process my thoughts and feelings regarding the conclusion of the hospital consultants investigations. I have tonic clonic Epilepsy, what even is that? not to mention reflecting on all my dark and gloomy thinking.

I attended a family event, I didn’t feel secure, confident and my mood was extremely low.

That evening I used alcohol to rebel against the Epilepsy. I was lonely, i felt i didn’t fit in with anyone or anything, i didn’t recognise myself anymore, who is that person looking back at me?, and all my plans i had for the future, gone.

I wanted to forget even if it was just for one evening. I drank a power of alcohol over a short period of time, mixing every drink you can ever imagine with each other. I abused my body with misuse alcohol.

During the early hours of the morning, i became dangerously unwell, i developed alcohol poisoning which was at know surprise, my breathing pattern was irregular, confusion seriously set in and i was repeatedly vomiting, i honestly thought I was dying. Tonic Clonic seizures shortly followed.

I was rushed into hospital, blue light flashing on the ambulance, i was an extremely lucky young man. I was kept in hospital for a few days to be monitoring closely and for observation.

Excessive or binge drinking is definitely not recommended. This style of drinking is often associated with late nights, sleep deprivation, missed meals and forgotten medications, all of which does trigger seizures. 

To this very day I am absolutely disgusted with myself and extremely guilty of the worry and stress I caused my loved ones. I am delighted and fortunate, I learned the hard way though at such a young age. I have never made the same mistake twice.

It’s not BIG and it’s certainly not clever.

Steven Connelly

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