Self harming isn’t about dying, it’s about living.

Self-harm isn’t about dying. Self-harm is about living.

If like myself you have been hurt so much in life that you have become numb to the world, sometimes, you will try anything, just to feel something.

I still remember the first time I self-harmed. I don’t have a clue where the thought to self harm first came from. None of my friends, well to my knowledge anyway Self-harmed. However it doesn’t really matter. The thought was in my head, and I couldn’t let it go.

Thinking back to my seventeen year old self and to the pain i inflicted on myself through cutting and burning. I don’t regret, have any guilt or shame towards self harming, but rather disappointing with my self though.

Personally for myself self injury was a way to relieve the build up of pressure from all the negative and distressing thoughts and feelings that I was experiencing. I used my body to express the overwhelming worry, upset, anger and distressing feelings that I was faced with every day, I couldn’t say my feelings aloud so i took it out on my body and because of this i am alive today, telling my story and providing support and encouragement to individuals without a voice and who are struggling with unwanted and negative feelings and suffering in the depths of depression is extremely important to me, it’s good to talk, you are not alone. If I can help and support even just one person that’s a great job done.

Steven Connelly

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