It’s Ok Not To Be Ok

Depression and epilepsy are closely linked. It is practical and cautious to be mindful of any possible triggers that may emerge for example loss of sunshine and bright days.

As the days become minimised it is essential to protect yourself against potential debilitating periodically symptoms.

In my opinion it is extremely fundamental and necessary to recognise your symptoms:

Depression can express itself in various ways and has a diverse effect in each individual experiencing the symptoms.

Depression is troublesome regardless of the extent you endure. Feelings of persistent weakness and exhaustion is a typical and common sign of fatigue, it’s crucial that you are able to acknowledge these emotions.

One of the primary accounts for my battle with depression was merely due to myself, refusing to acknowledge my symptoms. I felt horrendous and dreadful, instead of pursuing the professional assistance I required, i floundered around in my self pity and distress. This method did more damage than good.

Friends and family asked me how i was getting on and how i was feeling, it was much easier to smile and say, yeah everything is amazing, but inside i was screaming. The stigma associated with mental health in my opinion would just make me look weak and less of a man if i opened up and admitted how i was really feeling. It was easier to just put on a brave face.

I felt imprisioned in my own home and all alone, i didn’t think anyone would understand with how i was feeling. The depression manifested because i wasn’t able to express how i was feeling and able to get those emotions out in the open. I was taken to an extremely black, dark and gloomy place.

I am fortunate and honoured to share my story, i may have not been able to.

NEVER be frightening to speak up regarding your mental health, like me it could just possibly make all the difference.  It’s not cowardly to feel symptoms of depression.

Call or visit your GP and share your symptoms, thoughts and feelings. They will work with you at your own personal pace to help you navigate your negative conceptions. Remember it’s ok not to be ok.

Talking to friends and family about how your feeling is crucial.

Structure a assist system that you can access support from me and depend on the individuals.

it’s encouraging and comforting to know you have individuals around you who offer support when life dosent go so well.

Depression can be a complex and a stressful issue to discuss, but once your friends or family know what’s happening they can provide assistance.

Appreciating i had individuals who supported me was a significant stage for me and it empowered me to generate hope, strength and courage to carry on. I was able to work through the worst parts of my depression thanks to my friends solely by talking openly and honestly about it. I never thought I could achieve this, talking is power.

A serious amounts of anticonvulsants (mostly the liver inducers) actually reduce an individuals vitamin D and calcium levels.

Generally this wouldn’t be a important outcome but vitamin deficiency matched with persistent grey skies and a deficiency of genuine sunlight might leave you feeling a little under the weather.

If you find yourself having cravings for your normal energy in the wintertime, you might want to check your vitamin D levels. Seasonal affective disorder also comes into play this time of year so it may be worthwhile taking some preemptive measures and start supplementing your diet with some vitamin D.

Need To Talk

Breathing Space is there to listen. It’s a safe, quiet, non judgmental space to talk through your feelings and anxiety’s.

Trust me it’s always much better to talk through your emotions rather than bottling them all up, hoping they will all go away.

Breathing Space: 0800 83 85 87

Opening Hours: weekdays: Monday – Thursday 6 pm – 2 am

Weekends: Friday 6 pm – Monday 6 am

Steven Connelly

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